Hand Surgery
Mucoide Cysts on the Fingers

This consists of small tumefactions that are always benign that are found near the last joint of the fingers. They are sometimes filled with clear liquid. They invade the skin that recovers them and can brurst and then can cause infection at the level of the joint and sometimes bone. When they compress the matrix of the nail they can induce a deformation that will not always disappear the treatment.

Treatment is variable and depends on the size of the cyst:

Small recent cysts whithout deformation of the nail should be monitored. Take note that puncturing the cyst may lead to infection.

Bigger cysts accompanied with nail deformation can be treated surgicaly. Unsually the surgery is done at the Out Patient Department and is done under local anesthesia. The intervention consists of removing the cyst and the skin that covers the cyst and then covering the loss of substance with a skin graft taken form the hand, the forearm or by taking a part of the skin that is taken off the finger and then turn it above the cyst.(flap)