Hand Surgery
Trigger finger

Trigger finger is often a cause for painfull fingers. It is responsible for intermittant or complet blocage of the flexor tendon within the sheath (pulley). It can be accompanied by articular stiffness that will not disapear only with the treatment of Trigger finger. Trigger finger can be present in one or many fingers including the thumb, but many fingers may not be affected at the same time.

There are various causes for Trigger finger, the most common reason is the inflammation of the synovial sheath that surrounds the flexor tendon.

One treatment may consist of a cortizone injection at the level of the affected finger, this solution is quick but usually not long lasting. Cortizone injection may be repeted but not multiplied because cortizonecan make the tendon more vunerable and bing on a secondary rupture. After the injection the finger can be painfull for about 48 hours. A surgical treatement may be proposed initially or as a second option. The surgical procedure is done under local anesthesia at the Out Patient Department. It consists of a minimal incision near the palmary flexion fold, and opening the sheath of the flexor tendon. It consist of a quick and non- painfull procedure. The procedure is usually radical and definitive.